How can I contact Promises to Care

You can email us at promisestocare@gmail.com

or contact us directly through our Instagram page @promisestocare


19901 Gardenview Drive

Maple heights, Ohio 44137


When will I receive my package?

We are a small business and all of our products are homemade.

We ask to allow 5-7 business days.


If we are in high demand with our orders 

We ask to allow 7-10 business days, we will inform customers doing our high demands.


What if an item is out of stock?


If a product is out of stock no worries subscribe to our text and email and we will inform you , when that product is back in stock 


Can I buy it as a gift and have it shipped out?


Yes it is a great gift and we will ship it where you want and we will also leave a note for you <3


Will the products give me an allergic reaction?


Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will not have an allergic reaction as all our products are produced in an environment where cross-contamination is possible, albeit unlikely. Our products don’t contain gluten but we do use natural essential oils and plants in our products.  If you have concerns about allergies please refer to the ingredient lists in the product descriptions, discuss with your doctor, and always perform a patch test on hidden skin first.


I have sensitive skin will I be able to use the products?

We are so enthused to say that you absolutely can. In fact, our founder is a sensitive skin bearer and she absolutely loves them! 

The Black Magic Foam cleanser  is full of anti-inflammatory, detoxing and calming botanical oils which make it fantastic for angry and sensitive skin, goes you a fresh clean without stripping your skin.

The soothing toner is exactly what it say it is soothing, it also consist of herbs that actually help combat sensitive skin like calendula and rose both soft herbs to help treat all skin types. 

The Healing Serum is (you guessed it!) incredibly nourishing and replenishing and soft. Great for some extra hydration and skin barrier repair, plus did I mention that undeniable GLOW!!


Can I use the products if I am prone to breakouts and acne?

You certainly can ! In fact, we encourage it. You should be cleansing your skin with a product that doesn’t strip hydration or alter the skin’s pH  If you are prone to congestion and breakouts we really suggest exfoliating 2-3 times per week. The matcha and golden turmeric face scrub will be perfect for you.

Similarly, although it may seem counter productive to put oil onto acne prone skin, Oil cleanser can help with oily, sensitive, and acne prone skin.

Oil likes oil, so an oil cleanser can help break down and remove excess serum and oil based impurities. This means they wont clog your pores, instead penetrating deep into the skin layers to nourish from within.